Time-management + hypnosis = uh?

Surprising, isn’t it ?

But when it comes to time management, hypnosis is a terrific practice which enables to get immediate, effortless and long-lasting results. Explanations.

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  • Saved time : an awesome lot !

The basics : time control

Usually, people believe Time Management revolves around tips to control time : basically, how to spend less time on meaningless or boring activities and more on meaningful or fulfilling ones.

At the very basic level, we indeed find tips to delegate better, automate better, organise better. You can find these on : 20 Time-Management tips from highly successful people.

And if you want to further your Time Management processes, you can follow these tips :

I personally find these fun to apply in both my professional and personal life, and I must admit the idea that I can go on holidays thanks to Time Management fills me with never-ending joy… πŸ™‚

But I must warn you about this :

You could apply all the Time Management techniques in the world and still be out of time.

You could hustle to save time, toil to be productive, strive to be efficient and still see Time running out of your hands. Pretty unfair, right ?

But conversely, there is good news : you could do none of these and still have plenty of time, experience the success you deserve, and enjoy the fulfilment which accompanies it.

So when it comes to handling time, what’s even more profound and powerful than time-management techniques themselves ?

Subconscious reprogramming

In this 1 million views video, Dr Bruce Lipton explains how 95% of your life is run by your subconscious mind :

To sum up the video : your current life is a printout of your subconscious programs, which themselves come from early childhood :

  • Can’t find a suitable love partner ? That’s because of your subconscious programs.
  • Can’t earn more than X dollars per year ? That’s because of your subconscious programs.
  • Can’t manage to get X / do X ? That’s because… You get the idea.

Every aspect of your life is impacted by your subconscious programs, whether you are male or female (or undetermined), old or young, successful or failing, rich or poor… As long as you are a human being, there’s no way you can escape it.

And there are basically 2 main reasons why you would stick with an unsatisfying situation in your life :

  1. Either your subconscious believes you are unable to get nice changes into your life, these very changes that you consciously crave so much :
  • “I can’t find a partner who suits me well because my father / mother didn’t have one anyway”,
  • “I can’t earn 1 million dollars / year because it’s a lot of money and you need to work very hard and to be very lucky to earn this anyway”.
  • [Insert your own limiting beliefs here]
You can find lots of creepy images when typing “subconscious” on a royalty-free image websites πŸ˜‰ None of which come close to what your subconscious is sometimes making you go through because of a wrong programming.

2. Or your subconscious believes these changes to your life would be noxious in some way… So it keeps them at bay to protect you :

  • “If I get a suitable love partner, I won’t be able to keep her / him because I work too much anyway, and I will feel greater pain from losing her / him” or “If I have a great love life I will have to sacrifice my career and I will feel regrets about it”,
  • “If I earn more than 1 million dollars / year I’m afraid I won’t know how to spend this money wisely and I will be stressed”, or “I won’t have true friends, just people who try to take advantage of my money and I will never feel relaxed in my relationships”, or “burglars may try to steal my belongings and I won’t even feel safe at home”…
  • [Insert your own limiting beliefs here]

The Time connection

So now you may think : ok that’s right but what’s the connection with Time Management in the first place ?

You see, this is where it gets really interesting : your subconscious is preventing you from getting something, but consciously you still endeavor to get it, so you dedicate (lots of) time to it.

And here’s the naked truth. Along with all the energy and money you throw in….

All that time is lost. Because you can’t win a battle against your subconscious.

But knowing this, you have 2 possibilities :

1. You decide to abort any action in the direction of your goals :

  • The good news is you won’t lose time trying to get your objective completed,
  • But you won’t get it completed either πŸ˜‰

2. Or you reprogram your subconscious to transform this limiting belief into an empowering belief, and soon enough you will -effortlessly- get what you want.

For the sake of the demonstration, let’s assume you choose option #2. Then you might ask : what is the best way to reprogram the subconscious ?

Hypnosis, to the rescue?

Hypnosis is a fascinating way to impact the subconscious. And it can both lead to miraculous changes or to dreadful consequences, depending on how it is practiced. Here’s what to avoid.

Hypnosis can be dangerous

Most people (and some therapists, sadly) use hypnosis to force a behaviour upon the subconscious. For instance, let’s assume you want to stop smoking. You go see an hypnotherapist who makes you visualise a scene where you smoke and suddenly the cigarette turns into a snake, or they may make you associate the tobacco with something disgusting so that you steer clear from it.

To start with : it works. Hypnosis is extremely effective. I can guarantee you that you will never touch a cigarette again.

yet there are 2 issues with the brute-force hypnosis approach :

Dangerous when it is not respecting your deep needs

Your subconscious is like an ecosystem : it has its own equilibrium and every belief, every behaviour fits into its global balance. Change something carelessly and it might impact other parts of your psyche.

Which can spur subconscious conflicts down the line : let’s imagine your father was smoking and your own smoking is a way to subconsciously connect with him. Making you believe smoking is disgusting will make you associate something disgusting with your father, which can be problematic.

Is it a sheep, is it a wolf? Same goes for your subconscious beliefs : you never know. So you should handle them with great care.

Dangerous when it displaces the same behaviour elsewhere

Once again, lets look at the real reasons why you would be smoking. Let’s imagine you are smoking to alleviate work pressure, because you feel very stressed professionally. After a session of hypnosis with a bad therapist, you now deeply believe that smoking is disgusting. Great… But you will still need to find relief from stress, right ? So you might start looking for another way to achieve that, like drinking, gambling, etc. Any “deviant” behaviour will do. So in the end, brute-force hypnosis has only displaced the unsolicited behaviour.

Hypnosis can be a slow or ephemeral process

Most hypnotherapists can put you in an altered state of consciousness and imprint new beliefs upon your subconscious easily, but sadly these changes usually do not permeate your whole self… That’s because they do not spread the integration of these new beliefs into the body. As a result, the new programming only stays at the psyche level and the body sooner or later ends up rejecting it.

So given all these hypnosis caveats, what is the solution, how do you successfully reprogram your subconscious?

The solution? Hypnosis.

That’s right, hypnosis is the solution to reprogram the subconscious properly πŸ˜‰ But hypnosis done the right way…. Not brute-force hypnosis but respectful hypnosis :

  • An hypnosis which takes into account the patient’s subconscious ecosystem,
  • An hypnosis which fully respects the patient’s deeper needs, by letting the patient find their own solution,
  • An hypnosis which really addresses the root cause of the problems,
  • And an hypnosis which integrates the body in the process.

I didn’t know of anything of the like so I created it. This is a unique form of hypnosis, mixing altered states of consciousness, mindfulness and body-oriented practices, all imbued with pure benevolence.

“I’ve never felt that relaxed”, “I’ve never felt such a deep sense of peace”, “Nobody has ever been able to hypnotise me, I am usually wildly resistant to it” is what I often hear.

That’s how feel-good the process is.

And what about the results “in real life” ? Well they are there, from the moment the session ends, and they are powerful.

Honestly, after I’ve seen this, there’s no way I’m ever going back to doing “regular” coaching ever again.

I’ve done it on myself, too. And I have been impressed with how natural and smooth the transition is.

But don’t take my word for it : come try it. Satisfaction guaranteed!

So as you understod, my cutting-edge mind reprogramming method is unique in the world. Clarity Call is free for a limited time, so why wouldn’t you give it a try while you still can?

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