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Will (Mar 2023)


Adriana (Mar 2023)


Charlène (feb 2023) 

Charlene used to have a fear of being judged that she rated with an intensity of 7/10 (intense) and a fear of crowds of 8/10 (intense).

Translated from French : 

“I’m feeling well… Very well even. [talks about her holidays]

I have given some thought about my “marks” and according to me they have decreased significantly. 

  • Fear of being judged : 3/10. 
  • Fear of crowds : 2/10.

I give my advice much more easily even when I know it’s not gonna be well received, and that is surprising ! (at least at first))

I still feel a little pinch in my stomach when I need to ride the bus at peak hour but nothing compared to what it used to be (I had probably said it was a 8 or a 9 ?).

I worry less for the little things of the day as well, which certainly makes me “easier to be around”. 

No “radical change” or “epiphany”, it all has been very smooth (which I’m totally ok with).

Thanks again for your work, you rock. 

I’ll keep you updated.”  



Oliver (Feb 2023) 

Lukasz (Feb 2023) 



Cécile (Feb 2023)

Translated from French. She used to feel exhausted and had insomnia from exhaustion, along heavy painful periods) : 

“I really have so so much energy. This morning I went running, then I prepared a veggie salad, 2 things I would never have done before [smiley]. I also think I should tell you. My periods are hurting way less. (…) I sleep throughout the entire night. 6 hours, which for me is an entire night. Then my body wakes up by itself. “

[When asked how long it took to experience these results, she answers : ] 

“Maybe 1 week? I didn’t pay much attention”

Rebecca (feb 2023)

Michelle (Feb 2023)

Charles (Feb 2023) 

Allan (Feb 2023) 


Wolfgang (Feb 2023) 



Lucy (Jan – Feb 2023)


Cathy (jan 2023)



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