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Imagine you rub an old lamp and a genie appears. The genie says “I can grant you all your wishes but results won’t be instantaneous”. He goes on : “I work as a genie full-time now, it’s hard nowadays with the economy… I’ve done some pretty bad bitcoin investments and I need money to pay for my parents’ retirement home, they are not yet bedridden but it’s going to happen soon..” 

At first you’re surprised by how straightforward this genie is. But come to think of it,  it totally makes sense, in the world we live in, that the genie gets paid for his services. You tell him : “I would like to be happier, I don’t want to be so tired all the time, I would love to quit procrastinating, and to love myself the way I am, to stop thinking “I’m not good enough” or “I’m too fat”, and while we’re at it I would also like to lose weight, to stop feeling guilty for whatever reason, and I would like to stop having issues in my relationships, I would like to find peace, to just feel good and not need to go see the counsellor for the rest of my life, I would like to be recognised for the quality of my work, I would like to have more time to see my family and enjoy life, and I would like also to have more money…”

Catching your breath, you let out a “that’s a lot… I guess I have to choose? “

– You can have all of that if you want.

– Really ??

– Really.

Incredulous, you ask:

– But what proves to me that it works, that you really grant wishes? Because I don’t want to pay if there is no result.

– Oh is that so ? You never pay without knowing if there will be positive outcomes? Why do you go to the psychologist every week then? Why do you buy slimming products, anti-fatigue vitamins or personal development books?

– Yes, but it’s not the same…

– I see… It’s not the same…?

– Uh… Alright… It’s true, you’re right, I’m spending all this money without knowing if it’s going to work…

– Does it work ?

– Uh….

– Did the psychologist solve all your problems definitively? Did the slimming products give you your ideal weight definitively? Have the vitamins given you an inexhaustible energy once and for all? Did the personal development books allow you to overcome all your blockages definitively?

– Uh…

– That’s what I thought 😀

– You’re right genie, it didn’t solve anything… But it’s not my fault, before I met you I didn’t even know you existed! Well… I guess I’m going to have to trust you?

– Listen, I feel that money is a sensitive topic so I can do something for you. I will grant all your wishes, but as I told you before the results will not be immediate, so you can wait until you see all which you wished for happen in your life and I will charge you only after. That way, if you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t owe me anything. Even if, so far no customer has ever complained! Deal?

– Oh yes absolutely, deal!!

You may be thinking “how lucky, I also would like to meet a genie”.

Well you have this chance: because the genie is me. I have developed a unique and revolutionary hypnosis technique with which I have a 100% success rate.


I used to work only with high performers who had time management issues, leading them to heal their problem directly within the subconscious. But the hypnosis technique I developed works for every issue under the sun, and I thought “Why not extend it to help as many people as possible?” today you can benefit from it, no matter what your issue is!

I call this hypnosis technique “TheSolution” : it is groundbreaking and unique in the world. Nobody apart from me does it. 

And you can fully try it fully without spending a single penny beforehand : only pay when you get the desired results (limited offer, see below).    


Who is The Solution for ?

Anyone with physical or psychological issues :

  • Addictions (smoking, gambling, sugar, junk food, porn, social media…),
  • Sorrow, depression,
  • Weight gain,
  • Low energy, chronic health issues,
  • Anxiety and fear : of failure, of loss, of success, phobias,
  • Low self-esteem, self-hatred,
  • Guilt,
  • Regrets,
  • Anger, resentment, tantrums,
  • Feeling that one “never has enough time”
  • Not having the ability to “enjoy life”,
  • Misplaced distrust or paranoïa,
  • Tumultous relationships or anyone who “can’t find the right partner”,

And YES, it also works on so-called « desperate » cases, on people who have tried “anything and everything” like me : CBT, coaching, constellation therapy, EMDR, acupuncture, Reiki, chinese pharmacopeia, supplements, liver cleanse, nutripuncture, osteopathy, posturology, etiopathy, Bowen Therapy, shamanic practices, different kinds of yoga and meditation…

No matter what you tried before, the Solution goes above and beyond. 


Very IMPORTANT : It works provided you can relax and let go. If you are constantly in the mind and are used to being “in control”, there is sadly no chance that it’s going to work. But on people who can relax and let go, I indeed have a 100 % success rate.  


Why hypnosis is the best solution (vs psychoanalysis / psychology / coaching)


If you wish to feel better or just fix a situation in your life, you generally have several possibilities : a psychoanalyst, a psychologist, a coach or an hypnotherapist.

Let’s start with the positive : all these therapists can lend you a compassionate ear and can truly listen to your problems. And believe me, listening to somebody in pain is a skill, it is not natural and most of the time your friends won’t know how to listen properly : they might try to rush into solutions without acknowledging your emotions first (“you should do this”), or they might dismiss what we are talking about (“toughen up man!”). And there is nothing worse than that because at this stage all you want is to be heard. So a therapist will help you get these feelings off your chest : and that’s great !

Well that’s great for 1 or 2 hours actually, because after that you might get stuck into a loop, telling about your problems each session without any progress, with no deep emotional relief nor long-term solution. 


And I firmly believe whenever you pay for something the least you can expect is for it to work, don’t you think? And above all, for it to work long-term : so that the issue doesn’t come back under a different shape afterwards.


All psychoanalysts, psychologists and coachs ask you to pay beforehand, without you knowing if it’s going to help fix your problem or not. Sadly in most cases it doesn’t : and you have to come back every week. Coachs and psychoanalysts give you tips to handle the situation better, you feel like it’s helping you for some time but a few weeks or months later the problem comes back, in a different situation or with different people. In the end you wind up spending tens of thousands for so-called “help” and your issue is still not fixed… This is because the source of your problem deeply rests in your subconscious. You can do whatever you want with your actions, you can think as hard as you want to try and change that : it will not budge. Period.  


Coaches : sadly they don’t help much.  In 5 or 6 sessions, sometimes extremely costly, they might help you find the occasional epiphany about the way you behave. Which of course is great, but it gives you the illusion you have cracked the code and that now everything will be ok. And it’s an illusion because this understanding you had stays at the consciousness (and not the subconscious) level . But if people only needed to be aware of a given issue to change, there will be no poor, no fat, nor miserable people on Earth right?  So this epiphany you had is beneficial but very temporary and sooner or later you will find out that in a given situation, you still get the same emotional response as before (which comes from the subconscious), so nothing has been fixed really… A given person will need to see coaches at different times in their lives for different issues. And it’s a juicy business for them for sure, but it’s not helping you much. 

Psychologists : they are a bit like coaches except they go deeper within the educational system and trauma history… Which is great if you like to think, but you already know at that point in the article that this knowledge is not going to change anything at the subconscious level, so it’s not going to fix the problem either…

Psychoanalysts : they work at the subsconscious level but it takes about 20 years with weekly sessions to see results… And even then it’s not guaranteed. I know someone in France who has been to the psychoanalyst every week for 18 years… About 80 EUR (120 AUD) each session, once a week, in 18 years he has already spent 74 880€ (112 320 AUD). Is the issue gone you may ask ? Of course not, otherwise he wouldn’t feel the need to come back over and over again. Personaly it makes me feel very sad… And also a bit angry. There must be a better solution for the client!  

Hypnotists at least work at the subconscious level. But most of them force a behaviour upon the subconscious. For instance, let’s assume you want to stop smoking. You go see an hypnotherapist : they will make you visualise a scene where you smoke and suddenly the cigarette turns into a snake, or they may make you associate the tobacco with something disgusting so that you steer clear from it. It works, and yet…

There are 2 issues with this brute-force hypnosis approach :

  1. It impairs your subconscious balance. Your subconscious is like an ecosystem : it has its own equilibrium and every belief, every behaviour fits into its global balance. Change something carelessly and it might impact other parts of your psyche. Which can spur subconscious conflicts down the line : let’s imagine your father was smoking and your own smoking is a way for you to subconsciously connect with him. Making you believe smoking is disgusting will make you associate something disgusting with your father, which could be problematic for sure. 
  2.  It displaces the same behaviour elsewhere. Let’s imagine you are smoking to alleviate work pressure, because you feel very stressed professionally. After a session of hypnosis with a therapist, you now deeply believe that smoking is disgusting. Great… But you will still need to find relief from stress, right ? So you might start looking for another way to achieve that, like drinking, gambling, sugar, junk food, porn, social media, etc. Any “deviant” behaviour will do. So in the end, brute-force hypnosis has only displaced the unsolicited behaviour.


When you go see someone, don’t you think they should improve your stress resistance by making you feel absolutely confident, helping you develop a healthy self-esteem, giving you the emotional balance you deserve ? 

If you answered yes, we are going to get along because this is exactly the way I work 🙂


I call this hypnosis healing technique « The Solution » 😀 And it offers several advantages :

Payment after results only 

Unlike other therapists who always ask you to pay upfront, without you knowing if it will work or not, I am so confident in The Solution that I offer you to have the whole healing experience, and get the results you want first, so that you can be confident that it works, and only then will you get charged. So it’s 100 % risk-free : you pay ONLY if you get the results you want, and AFTER you get them. No results or mild results ? I would be surprised if that happened since I have a 100 % success rate so far, but if so, you wouldn’t owe me anything. There is no pre-payment no nothing, everything is based on trust here. This offer is starting on the 3rd of February 2023 and limited to the next 10 people who book a session with me. Edit 08/02 : sadly all 10 spots have already been allocated. Thanks for your trust 🙂 Thanks to all the participants! If you are a friend, a direct contact (we’ve met before) or have been recommended personally by someone I know, you can still benefit from the offer. Happy to help 🙂 


Best bang for your buck

Most therapists -coaches, psychologists…) require you to come see them over and over again, spending tens of thousands of dollars year after year, with very superficial results stuck at the conscious level. I don’t want people to be captive with my work, I don’t want them to have to see me over and over again every week. I see my work as a commitment to Healing. I just want my clients to heal and move on… As it should be, right ? And The Solution does exactly that, because in just 1 hypnosis session we address the issues you want to heal – all at once.

Real Benevolence

I am not some jaded health practitioner who sees client after client and performs like a robot. I truly want people to get better, because it feels great, and because it gives meaning to my life. During the hypnosis, the words the therapist chooses, the pace and tone of their voice are imbued with their intention. I personnaly do my job with natural benevolence, I put all my heart into my sessions, and I am certain the subconscious of the receiver can pick up on that.

Deeply Powerful

Most hypnotherapists have 45 mn sessions where they only take 3 mn to drive you to the subconscious level, and usually even less to take you back to « reality ». This leaves you with a very shallow and limited healing effect. Contrary to these therapists, I lock in 2 hours on my schedule and I take a hefty time to let you connect to your inner self, so that you can be as comfortable as possible, and go as deep as can be, to heal everything that needs to be healed… In just one hypnosis session.

Works for every emotion, blocage, or trauma

No matter what experiences or traumas you had, and whether you remember them or not, The Solution will work for you. Unlike CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) or regression therapy, you don’t even have to tell me what happened in details, and neither do you need to relive your traumatic experiences (thank god!!). You don’t even have to know consciously what’s going on. Because we work at the subconscious level and because the subconscious knows everything, including how to heal, we let your subconscious, in other words we let YOU, find the solution. Your Solution. This is why The Solution is so versatile and so holistic!

Works on (almost) everybody !

I have used The Solution on so many clients I can confidently say it works on everyone who can relax and let go. Unfortunately, with people who always need to be in control or who cannot relax, they never let me open the doors of their subconscious and therefore the process cannot take place at a deeper level.

Your feelings as a starting point

Most hypnotherapists will make you visualize images, often forcing them onto you, to provoke some kind of confusion within you (Ericksonian hypnosis for instance is famous for its “confusion technique”), and see what arises from that. I remember going to see one for my bladder issues, when I was younger. She made me see a leprechaun who said « il ne faut pas prendre les vessies pour des lanternes » (litteraly “don’t mistake bladders for lanterns”, a French expression which means « don’t be taken in », « don’t think the moon is made of cheese »). I think she just picked the first expression with the word “bladder” in it, without thinking if it even related to my health issues, and threw it at me to see how my subconscious would react. For me it felt so random, so amateurish, that I actually got quite mad at her, which took me out of the hypnosis state instantly (I wasn’t deep in anyway, her induction was a very shallow 3 minutes one like most hypnotists’). Needless to say I never went to see her again 😀 The other problem with the approach she used is that it is very targeted. You would need to try many different “entry points” (expressions, images, sounds, etc.) before you find one which fits what’s in the client’s psyche, and even then you would never know if it heals the whole issue at hand. It very much feels like searching for a needle in a haystack… For all the reasons above, I never force any imagery onto you during a session. At the beginning of my practice, I was working with symbols (symbols being the “language of the subconscious”) making my clients visualize their own problems as symbols (for instance lack of money could be a banknote with wings flying away) and letting them apply their own healing symbols (for instance to fix their problems (Instead, I always start the process from your emotions, and keep them as our focus during the whole session : that way, we always stay on the right track no matter what!

The right way to heal from negative feelings

Nobody wants to feel pain, sorrow, anger, self-hatred, guilt, fear, or anxiety… I don’t and you probably don’t either. This is why in everyday life, we are used to keep our emotions to ourselves, and to quell them  at their very core. But our emotions are here for a reason, they have a message to deliver, and the more we try to shut them up the more they have to shout to make themselves heard. This is how repressed negative feelings get to grow in time. And the more they grow, the more tense we get from them, and the more we try to hide them under the carpet. Ultimately this escalation often ends up with psychosomatic health problems, when your emotions resort to expressing themselves through your body, causing skin problems, gut issues, cancer, and so on. Paradoxically, the only way to fully get rid of a negative feeling is to accept it and welcome it. Then eventually it can decide to go away on its own, or to transform into a positive emotion. Ericksonian therapy opens the door to the negatives when the therapists actively encourages resistance in the patient so that they end up giving up their resistance (also known trivially as “reversed psychology”). More specific to emotions and stronger because it takes this concept to the extremes is “mindfulness meditation”, a popular technique which teaches you to “witness your emotions, let them pass in front of your eyes, as if they were clouds”. It works, but we can go even further, to make the process even more powerful.  This is why, during the hypnosis session, we not only learn to witness our feelings, but also to :

  • Accept them,
  • Welcome them,
  • Respect them,
  • And thank them for being here.
  • In a word, we learn to love them. This may sound a bit counterintuitive at first but when you are experiencing it in a very deep state, it totally makes sense.

And it is extremely liberating.

Respectful of your own pace 

At the end of the session, I create an anchor so that the healing process continues, by itself, at your own pace, every night. This creates a very smooth healing mechanism, helping you seamlessly become the best version of yourself, without even noticing there is « change ». This is the beauty of the process, you don’t even have to fear becoming different or anything : you just fully integrate it and live it, naturally.

Connected With You

Most hypnotherapists think they can handle a session with the mere power of their conscious brain. I am personally convinced the conscious mind is extremely limited. So to overlap its limitations, I put myself in an altered state of consciousness, just like yours. Being intuitively connected to you helps me know when you need help, even when you are not voicing it out, and where to guide you next, in any circumstance. So I do the work with you, tapping into my inner guidance to accompany you into full healing.

Integrates With Your Body

Together we integrate the whole healing process into your body. Contrary to most hypnotherapists who only stay at the « mind » level, I start the session with the body, to fully have it on board, and also end with it, so that your body 100 % takes in the work we have done together during the session. How ? Simply by activating some ‘energy circuits’ described in ancient eastern traditions (Yoga and Tao). And whether you believe in it or not, it works !

Heal from several issues at once

When you go see an hypnotherapist they always only fix one problem at a time. So for instance, let’s say you want to lose weight AND you want to reduce your stress AND you want to more confident. An hypnotherapist will take usually 4 sessions (45 mn each) to fix the weight issue, then 4 sessions to reduce your stress, then 4 sessions to be more confident.

When you come to see me, I work holistically : I take into consideration all the issues you have and we fix all of them within a single hypnosis session. You get to fix your weight issue, become more resistant to stress, grow confidence, and fix many more issues you didn’t even know were fixable (get better relationships, increase your self-love, be more successful professionally, live in abundance…). So that you can evolve as the best version of yourself.

Fully customized to you

The reason why other hypnotists tackle only one issue at a time is because they follow scripts. They sit next to you and… they just read their script! 😀 It’s not much work for them because they use the same script for everyone. I personally find this a bit disappointing, and not very creative, which is the reason why… 

I don’t. Insteead I fully customize every session based on my client’s needs. I don’t prepare any sentences before the session because I want to follow the intuitive flow. Yes, it’s much much more work and sessions usually require a high amount of energy from me, but as you know I strive to deliver the best hypnosis quality there is.

Permanent Results

Because we work with the body (instead of against it), and because of the anchor which runs every night (see above), results obtained after the session are permanent. They become who you are, as much as you ‘become’ these results, if that makes sense. The results are, now and forever, the NEW You.

The Secret Ingredient

There is another reason why it works so well, a secret ingredient… It complements perfectly the rest of the technique. But you’ll have to ask me, or try by yourself to see !  


Little FAQ

Is it safe?

The safest! Because your subconscious heals and reorganizes itself the way it sees fit. We are not having a short-term strategy here : this is long-term healing and balance we are after.

For absolute peace of mind, all sessions (whether face to face or on Zoom) are recorded and sent to you by email.

Are there any negative side effects?

The vast majority of the people feel great right from the hypnosis session, and this feeling keeps growing from that point. But in some rare cases, when an important subconscious reorganization needs to take place, a “healing crisis” might happen for some hidden feelings to surface. You temporarily feel bad, but it’s perfectly normal in the healing process. It’s like trying to clean your cupboard : to do it thoroughly you sometimes need to take all that stuff out first ! A healing crisis always end up clearing by itself (in most cases within days) and you feel fantastic after it’s complete. 

How many sessions are needed to get the results I want?

What I do is:

  • more powerful and long lasting than 50 classic hypnosis sessions, which would cost you 60 x 50 = 3 000€ (these are NOT my prices : to know how much I charge, which is way less, see below). 
  • more powerful and long lasting than 100 sessions of kinesiology, EMDR, family constellations, etc. which would cost you 100 x 60 = 6 000€.
  • more powerful and long lasting than 1000 sessions at the shrink, which would cost you 60 x 1000 = 60 000€.

And I’m super thrilled to prove it to you!

There are 3 options, for each of the options you can benefit from a reduction if you leave me a video review that I will add to my testimonials section:

– The simple option for those who want to solve a single problem in depth. Results guaranteed! This formula includes a moment of discussion of 15 to 30 minutes followed directly by the hypnosis session (in total 2 hours maximum). I will assume that you know exactly what you want to fix. Together we are going to fix one problem in depth, since we are going to clean all emotions associated with it (unlike other hypnotherapists who work only on the surface, see “Why hypnosis is the best solution (vs psychoanalysis / psychology / coaching)” above). For example, if you want to lose weight, we’re going to focus on all the emotions (guilt, disgust, shame, etc.) currently associated with your being overweight so you can move past that issue AND reprogram your subconscious to get slim.

In 2022 I had a client who wanted to lose weight. After discussing it with her, she realized that she wanted to lose weight because she “felt ugly with these flabby love handles” but also because her father said that “fat people never succeed in life”. In the end, this one problem breaks down into 4 elements:

  • the weight itself (why she came to see me initially),
  • a limiting belief inherited from her father that conditioned her professional success on her weight (preventing her from succeeding as long as she considered herself “fat”)
  • a tendency to find oneself “ugly”, to self-flagellation and therefore to gratuitous suffering. From experience I know that the weight problem is often the tree that hides the forest, having seen so many women who, once their weight problem has been solved, find other excuses for not finding themselves beautiful (‘I have wrinkled skin’, ‘I have white hair’, ‘I have a scar and everyone can see it…)
  • a lack of self-esteem (self-esteem being conditioned by her weight)

We therefore fixed the main problem she had (she got to lose weight) and all the related issues (cleaned the limiting belief and replaced it with “everybody can succeed no matter what their weight is”, made her love herself way more, and she started respecting herself more)… All in one session instead of the 4 sessions usually required by other hypnotherapists.

If you want to “lose weight” and “sleep less” for example, these are 2 different issues and you need to pick the Complete option below. 

The complete option is for those who want to solve all their problems at once. Results guaranteed! It consists of 2 sessions. During the first session (1 to 2 hours) you can tell me why you are here, what you expect from The Solution and what would make you feel happy and fulfilled. You have the floor to tell me what is bothering you, and I am here to lend you a compassionate ear and truly listen (I am trained for that). Or you can simply tell me what you would like to improve about your life, and it can be anything. I use the information you give me to identify patterns in your life and to help you identify what you really want. You will be surprised to see that 99.9% of people don’t really know what they want! Or that they change their minds every 3 months (proof that they haven’t found what they really want). Most people think they know what would make them happy, but when talking to me they realize that their inner desires are actually very different.

Know that you can add anything you want to your list:

  • be happier,
  • have more energy,
  • need less sleep,
  • earn money more easily, etc.

EVERYTHING is possible (except if you ask me to grow a 3rd arm behind your back, then I admit that I couldn’t help you much 😀 ) Then follows the hypnosis session (2h30 maximum), which can take place after the discussion session, or on another day, at your convenience. I generally recommend this formula because it is much more comprehensive (and economical) than the simple formula! Money is not a problem: if your financial situation is difficult I am open to discussing the price, we will sort something out no worries. I’d rather help somebody in need even if that means I’ll get less money than I ask for. 


After the hypnosis session, no need for more, just lay back and relax!


– The Classical Option is for people who want the “classical” ericksonian hypnosis stuff 😛 You can get regular hypnosis, the same way you would get it at your local hypnotherapist’s. If you choose this option please know I do not guarantee results. You can only fix one problem, it is not necessarily respectful of your other subconscious beliefs, results are very shallow, they do not last forever and it usually takes about 4 sessions to get results (50€ each session). I do not offer a discount for reviews on that one either, so in total you end up paying more (200€) for something less effective and less durable, but I’m still leaving that option open if you really want to, 


Where do the sessions take place?

I usually work on Zoom, but I can also come to your place if you prefer (currently in Australia, contact me to know more about my location).

How long does it take to experience results?

For most of my clients, results come very fast after the 2nd session : the next day or in the following days. It can take  a while (a few months) to experience all the results though, because your subconscious works every night on it! 

Since you guarantee results, I assume it must be very expensive?

Even though I guarantee results, I’m much much cheaper than coaches, psychologists, psychoanalysts and other hypnotherapists. The price depends on how many things you need to change in your life. Money should not be a problem : we can also reprogram your subconscious for abundance (getting money easily), if you want to.  

What do I need to have a session?

You need first and foremost to be able to relax, everything else is secondary 😉 If you have an armchair, it is perfect to relax, otherwise a sofa is fine, and if you don’t have any of these, a bed is ok as well. It is preferable that you are able to relax without falling asleep… My voice is very soothing!  

Can I recommend you to my friends, colleagues and family? 

For sure ! If you would like to see your friends, family, colleagues or clients improve their life, share this page with them. They can benefit from the offer “try it I have a referal program you can benefit from, so it’s a win for you too!

Looks too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is none. All sessions are recorded on Zoom (hosted on the Cloud) and I send you the link after, so you have access to the whole session and can make sure I don’t implement stuff like “pay me pay me pay me” in your subconscious 😀 Joke aside, I think it’s reasurring for the client to proceed like this (I would be reassured for sure). 

When the special offer is up you can also pay after you get the results (3 months after maximum please, I need to keep track of my payments), that’s how honest this proposition is. It’s basically a moral commitment you make to me, there is no prepayment so I would have no way to force you to pay even if I wanted to.

Alternatively, you can check out my reviews here.


I think that’s all pretty convincing – I would be convinced for sure 😀

Now the question is : are you an adventurous person ?

If yes, you may use my contact form or text me what you would like to improve at  : 


(you may also call me and leave a message on the voicemail).

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