Avant-garde Time Management

Everything starts with curiousness

When people ask me what I do, they often believe I just give tips about how to optimize your time : namely how to prioritize, delegate, automate certain tasks…

Of course I’ve studied extensively the arcana of time management, and if you want I can tell you everything you need to know about it, and probably more πŸ˜‰

But then so can the Internet. You don’t really need to book a session with me -nor with anyone- for that πŸ˜‰

The core of time-management issues… And all the others

In honesty, after so many years of practicing these tips myself and preaching the good word around, to my high-performers clients, to my friends, and to my cat (who goddamn sleeps a lot, I’m sure some of it is wasted time πŸ˜‰ ), I witness that there is a much better way to handle time-management issues.

Heal the core of why you do things. Heal your subconscious.

But from what, you may ask ? From…

Limiting beliefs

These are beliefs which are holding you back from achieving happiness, success, balance… They are, of course, wildly subconscious.

A few examples of limiting beliefs found on clients are :

  • Believing they need to work hard to “earn” money, and that hard work is the only way to deserve success.
  • Needing to prove to their father / mother / siblings / friends from elementary school… that they are hard workers.
  • Spending lots of time at work because they believe they’re not worthy of their amazing wife / family, so they subconsciously sabotage themselves into not having time to spend with them.
  • Believing hard work is the only way to be an adult (and that having fun is necessarily childish).
  • Believing that it’s better to fail : as a kid when they succeeded they got highly criticized by jealous relatives, so now they subconsciously avoid success like the plague
  • Being afraid that if they start having free time, they’ll find out on everything they missed out on before and have regrets that they didn’t unleash the fun before (yes, this one is tricky… It wasn’t a client’s, it was mine πŸ™‚ )

Right now, while reading this, you might :

  • Think you don’t have any limiting belief,
  • Or can’t think of any reason why failure could be beneficial,
  • Or can’t think of any reason why success could be an issue.

If so, you are exactly like 99,9% of my clients who had no idea they were riddled with limiting beliefs. But when we explored their subconscious together, knots went untied, and they all had this aha moment, when they finally understood the real reasons why things were happening to them that way.

Possibilities are limitless, really. You see, the subconscious can be very creative at finding all sorts of reasons for you to lose time, to avoid success, to shun happiness. These reasons will make you fail repeatedly, or at least they will prevent you from succeeding as much as you deserve. And you will never know about the true sabotage going on in the background of your life… Unless you decide to work on it. Maybe one day you will… Maybe today ?

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So how do we access our subconscious and start making a change ?

The missing key

It took me many years to understand that most people meditate in the wrong way… Myself included.

It took me many years to find the missing key…


Neurobiology to be more specific.

Your brain rides on neurotransmitters. These chemicals help you think, remember, and process information.

They even influence and shape your entire personality, as stated by Dr. Eric R. Braverman in β€œThe Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health and Longevity with the Balanced Brain Advantage”.

No wonder they have an impact on your ability to meditate.

With the right balance in the main neurotransmitters :

  • Acetylcholine
  • Dopamine
  • Serotonine
  • Gamma aminobutyric acid

You can focus better, and you can access deeper layers of your subconscious. Without this balance though, it’s like searching for a needle in the desert. I’m not saying you won’t find it, but it’s probably gonna take some time πŸ˜‰

You can take the neurotransmitter test here : https://www.bravermantest.com/

I help you restore this balance, through supplements and / or exercises, it all depends in what you like. I work with an American doctor and together, we make a comprehensive plan for you based on your idiosyncrasies and specific health characteristics.

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For instance, I personally successfully enhanced my levels of

  • Acetylcholine with citicoline + ginkgo biloba
  • Serotonine with iodine
  • GABA with L-Lysine and L-theanine

And now ?

Once you have your neurotransmitters balance back, things get way easier.

Personally, I used to have lots of limiting beliefs. A whole excel file containing 110+ of them, more exactly. And I used to get deep into quagmires. Situations so complicated they made me lose lots of time and prevented me from achieving my objectives.

So one day, I asked my subconscious : “What is the reason why this is happening to me ?”. My subconscious answered it is trying to put me in situations as tough as possible to get the attention, care and support from my mother… Just because it feels good to be taken care of πŸ˜‰

And that was it. I finally understood the real reason why Life was being so tough on me : it’s because I -subconsciously- asked it to be. It was tough Love after all πŸ˜€

Anyway, after clearing this limiting belief, I no longer lose time on these conundrums. I must admit sometimes life feels a bit dull now, but I’d rather have it that way, by far πŸ˜…

At your level, I always adapt the solution to you :

  • You may follow highly personalized exercices at home, that I adapted to your very situation.
  • You may listen to subliminal messages, that I made just for you.
  • You may be guided through a personalized guided hypnosis, to get to the core of your beautiful self and become the best version of who you are πŸ™‚ This is what I personally prefer… Because I love to see how good my clients feel right after the session, and how grateful they are. Also -you guessed it- my hypnosis method is pretty unique ! πŸ™‚

In any way, together we rewrite your beliefs into empowerment, we infuse you with the solutions you’ve been seeking, we turn you into the real you, the one who is here to shine. Now : the Power is yours.

And you know what the funny part is ? The initial complaint was a lack of time, which we successfully fixed together, but without ever giving tips about how to optimize time (“delegate this, automate that, do this differently…”). In the end these are not even needed, since the biggest ordeals have already been cleared up… Subconsciously.

So to sum up, I help my clients get in control of their time through a cutting-edge mind reprogramming method. It’s unique in the world! Everything starts with a Clarity Call to identify :

  • Why you don’t have enough time, 
  • And how we can fix it without stress : easily, efficiently and lastingly.

So that you can enjoy life and do what you really love ! For a limited time, Clarity Call is free. So why wouldn’t you try it will you still can?

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