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People call me “Yo” in every day life because it’s shorter and easier, but I was born as  .

Why Yo Nova ?

I decided to change my name when I became a coach a few years ago, because for me a new life started at that point…

  • Hence “Nova” which means new in latin.
  • Nova is also a reference to supernova, the biggest most powerful and most luminous stellar explosion there is… Shedding light on what needs to be acknowledged.


From cognition to feelings

When I was a child, I took an IQ test with a licensed psychologist and scored at 160+ IQ.

At age 17, I got a 19/20 in philosophy at the French Baccalauréat, and went into the national newspaper :

At age 25, after studying several University degrees at the same time, I had :

  • 4 years degree in philosophy
  • 2 years degree in English Literature and Civilization
  • 3 years degree in Sociology
  • 5 years degree in Communication management
  • 4 years degree in Information & Communication

All with distinction and getting the Valedictorian title here and there.

But I don’t feel that smart. As a matter of fact, as a high-performer you’re certainly much smarter than me 😉

I’m just curious… About virtually everything. And I will be curious about you as well, about who you are, about what led you to where you are today, about what constitutes your deeper personality, about your set of beliefs, about your emotional landscape…


Because as much as I believe that “Knowledge is Power”, I also believe that the most important output, in and with anything, is the feeling.

Because the feeling is everything.

Sometimes, we get engrossed in the rat race and we forget the real reason why we were doing things in the first place :

  • We take high responsibilities because we want freedom but we end up being tied down by all the micro-management necessities which necessarily arise one day or another.
  • Or we build a company because we want independence but we end up being working so much we feel enslaved by the god of Time himself. 

So as a high performer, here is a very important question to ask yourself : does what you do make you happy – truly happy ?

So how do we ensure the feeling is right ?

From limiting to empowering beliefs

In Business…

Here’s another lesson I learnt through my entrepreneurship journey.

After finishing my studies, I launched a humanitarian aid and sustainable development organization, called “Humanityy”, which aimed at fundraising for other charities.

We soon became international and got translated into 4 languages :

The Chinese version of the blog


We built a charity search engine which was redistributing 100% of the benefits to other charity organizations, and we wanted to implement other innovative services. The project was going well, we were :

  • receiving 30 000 visits a month,
  • 2nd on Google on the query “Humanitarian aid”,
  • and about to receive a 20K€ funding from the European Union.

I was very ambitious about where I wanted to lead that project… To the Stars, no less 😉 In total I dedicated 4 years of my life to Humanityy, as a full volunteer, without receiving a dime, because I really wanted to make a change.

From it I got 2 awards, the “Digital Economy Trophy” delivered by a French organization called La Mêlée Numérique and the “Outstanding Young Person of the World” delivered by Junior Chamber International.

Then the website got hacked. And I understood that I needed more than 20K if I wanted to make it sustainable in the long run.


So I built up a startup company, called TonPsy, which soon became the #1 marketplace in the world for French webcam psychology :



7 trophies and awards later, after being featured in about 40 magazines and being deemed “one of the 100 startups to invest in” by renowed French magazine “Challenges”, we raised funds and were about to reach a 1.5 Million euros valuation when… Fate stroke again. My business partner vanished with the bank account and all the assets of the company.

Of course, at first I was furious at him. “He ruined 4 years of my life !” I thought.

But then, I sat and started to think.

Wasn’t there a pattern here ? A “close but no cigar” pattern, more specifically? Yes there was.

You see, when certain things keep happening in your life, it’s not the result of chance. Instead, it shows powerful subconscious patterns and these need to be addressed properly.

It turns out there is no well-being possible, no success possible even, without a healthy subconscious mind and a strong set of empowering beliefs.

So I started accepting full responsibility for what happened and went on my way to reprogram my limiting beliefs!


…And In Health

Interestingly, there is another field in which I noticed the impact of the belief system : health. I’ve been sick since 2002 with unbearable chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I am recognized as a handicapped worker from it. At the hospital they told me “your condition is incurable”. In 2015, my situation took a huge downfall and became so severe I could barely walk and was about to buy a wheelchair… In 2016, I was drowning in woe, contemplating suicide day after day… I saw doctors, professors, surgeons, physical therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, shrinks, sophrologists, nutritionists, naturopaths, hypnotherapists, nutripuncturists, kinesiologists, Reiki practicionners… I’ve tried everything under the sun !

Nothing worked.

I knew somehow I had to “work on my mind”, but the chaos in my body was totally preventing me from reaching any state of focus. So you bet I could not meditate at all… I could not let go of my controlling mind, because it was the only thing I had left, it was the only thing which helped me cope with my daily struggles !

Turns out my problem was the same most successful professionals have : after relying so much on our rational mind, our ability to let go wanes day after day… Till oblivion.

But without the ability to let go, it’s impossible to access the subconscious, it’s impossible to rewire limiting beliefs.

So how do you get out of that tricky situation ?

Simply by rebalancing your neurotransmitters.

Even on ‘healthy’ subjects who can already meditate, balancing neurotransmitters help boost their abilities.

Rebalancing my neurotransmitters gave me back my ability to access my subsconscious and rewrite my limiting beliefs.

And that’s why, with all these fascinating discoveries which upgraded my life so much…


I decided to share it 🙂


After getting certified as a coach, and as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practicioner, I am ready to share with you the unique healing modalities I gathered throughout my unique journey. Because I love to see the people around me brighten up, become more fulfilled, and get a new take on life.

And on that note, I leave you with outbursts of positive energy from my gospel choir. Enjoy the cheerful raw power which emanates from this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIe6obMgu6g

For most of us, time is lacking, and we wish we could have more of it every day… Because more time means more of what we really love :

  • Seeing friends & family, 
  • Traveling, 
  • Crossing items off our bucket list… 

Every week I am contacted by individuals who want to make the most our of their life, through this avant-garde mind reprogramming method which mixes:

  • Coaching,
  • Neurotransmitters balancing,
  • And guided meditations.

After a few weekly sessions, the subconscious patterns which were holding them back are either completely gone or significantly reduced.


Everything starts with a 30 mn Clarity Call to identify :

  • Why you don’t have enough time, 
  • And how we can fix it without stress : easily, efficiently and durably.

So that you can have more time, to have more of what you really love in life! I’m wondering what you will do when you have gained 8 hours of free time per week… 😉 😉

For a limited period, Clarity Call is free. So why wouldn’t you try it before it becomes paying? Simple & easy : just click the button below.




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